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"Health Care" Gift


You can stop smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes with the help of our Electronic Cigarette or E-cigarette, as it is also known.

1. Enables Smokers to taper off and stop smoking real cigarettes non-painfully.
2. No ignition, no fire hazard. Free of tar and other carcinogenic substances or harmful ingredients. Looks and lights like a real cigarette.
3. Its effectiveness is similar to ordinary cigarettes, satisfying the smokers craving for tobacco, so they have a euphoric relaxed feeling.
4. The exhaled smoke is a vapor! Thus, no second-hand smoke! No environmental pollution.
5. Save expense of real cigarettes.

Our Electronic Health Cigarette Kit includes the following:

1. Two Electronic Health Cigarettes.
2. Atomizer, 2 pieces.
3. Rechargeable Batteries, 2 pieces so that you can charge one at all times, while using the other one.
4. Cartridges: 10
5. USB Charger, 1 piece.
6. Wall charger, 1 piece.
7. Car Charger, 1 piece, so that you can recharge your battery, when away from home, in the car.
8. User Manual, 1 piece.
9. Color Gift Box.
10. Makes a great gift!

Comparable Kits are selling for $200.00 and more. However, you can purchase our Electronic Health Cigarette Kit at the special low price of only $65 FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING.

Useful, Practical Gift


Now, with this easy -to-use Electronic Voice Recording Tape Measure,  you won't have to start looking around for a pen, pencil or paper or have to put down The Tape Measure to find them, when taking
measurements in the home or office.  What's more, this Tape Measure has a built-in bright light to illuminate whatever you are measuring or  to see when you are trying to place your key in the door of your house or car or see your way into a room.

It has a Digital Recorder to take 20 seconds of verbal multiple messages or short notes.  Just press the record button, record your messages by talking into  the mic in The Tape Measure, rewind and then press the play button and listen to the message you have recorded.  This Tape Measure provides up to 10 feet of measurement and has a lock button.  It is an attractive streamline compact size, which is black in color with
blue buttons in a descriptive clamshell package.  It comes with a strap that makes it easier to carry and can easily be carried in a pocket or purse.  It also includes four button type batteries that are easily replaced.  It weights  about 6 ounces in the package and is easily remailable in a jiffy  bubble type envelope. 

"Health First" Gift


This is a unique watch that can calculate the calories burned while exercising and the heart rate....without the use of a chest strap.

Here's how it works.  When you first open The Calorie and Heart Rate Watch, you will set the date and time, your age, weight and sex.  This information is stored in the watch's Internal
Counter.  When you begin exercising, you simply start the watch's internal counter.  When you are finished, you simply stop the  counter, press SET and touch the sensor (very lightly).  It's
that easy.  Based on your preset information, the time on the counter and your heart rate, which touching the sensor will give you, The Calorie and Heart Rate Watch is able to determine how many calories you have burned during your workout, whether running, walking, etc.

And, THAT IS NOT ALL!  The Calorie and Heart Rate Watch also contains the following features:

1.  Time and Calendar.
2.  Daily Alarm and Hourly Chime.
3.  Chronograph (stop watch) with split lap time.
4.  Exercise Counter with automatic manual override calorie counter.
5.  External Pulse Mode for determining heart rate anytime.
6.  Bike Mount.
7.  Water-Resistant
8.  EL Backlight (To see the dial in the dark).

Complete easy-to-understand instructions are enclosed.  Each watch comes packaged in an individual corrugated box with internal plastic protector and weights about 6 ounces. Makes a great gift!  $36 FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING


"Safety First" Gift


Drive Alert Master is an electronic sleep warning device which every driver should keep in his/hr automobile for immediate use when needed. The Drive Alert Master can and have helped save lives! 

It only takes a split second to
doze off at the wheelwhich puts the driver, passengers, and other motorist lives at high risk.

No longer is it necessary to take such risks!  If the driver starts to doze off and his head starts to drop ever so slightly, the Drive Alert Master sounds a sleep stopping alarm.  It rests comfortably over the ear.  It is made of lightweight high impact plastic and includes a button type battery that can be easily replaced.  It is packaged in a colorful descriptive clamshell package with easy instructions.  It fits easily into a pocket or purse.  It's the perfect device for car and roadway safety AND it makes  a great travel/vacation gift..   $25 FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING

  * 6% tax required for Floridians.

Genuine Leather Wristlets

New Genuine Leather Befdimall Mobile Phone Wristlet Bag Wallet Purse Key Chain 2012

1. 100% Brand New

2. Weight: 94.5g

3. Material: Genuine Leather

4. 7 Colors available : Coffe, Orange, Watermelon Red, Black, Lake Blue,
Green, Yellow

5. Size: 14 x 9(LxW) cm

6. Strap length: 19cm


Adds to the Elegance of any outfit! Wear it proudly!

There are comparable Wristlets selling in stores for $50 to $100.00.

Our price $25 with FREE SHIPPING!!

Order yours NOW 

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