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Prayer, When Will We Learn?

Posted on September 26, 2012 at 3:40 AM

I was just thinking about the many Christians who have difficulty accepting the truth that prayer is not to change God; it is to be changed by God. Perhaps that is why so many have either given up on prayer, avoid it, or abandon the God they cannot control.


Somewhere, way back in the instinctive zone of our minds is the conviction that if we will just continue to pray unceasingly, something will happen to us. All prayers have this one thing in common: a perpetural self surrender to God, our Father. All prayer gradually, but persistently brings us to the point of giving up the ego and the truth of the matter is our deepest desire is for God.


Of course, some people would rather die than admit this truth. The deepest thirst we have underlying all other needs is for God. The problem is man knows that to surrender to his deepest desire means undergoing radical change; conversion, the occupational hazard of prayer.


When will we learn that God is not converted in prayer, man is. This is why we continue to believe that prayer does something to God. We do not want to be changed and thus, many abandon prayer and God.

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