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Life After Death?

Posted on October 1, 2012 at 5:05 AM

I was just thinking how so many people believe that life after death is an absolute impossibility. Life beyond the grave - impossible. It is interesting how man's response to what we consider to be impossible is always, a sneer, a snort or mocking laughter. A man landing on the moon - impossible. Electric cars - get out of here, no way. Get news from around the world in an instant, impossible. Yet, we know that in each case the so-called impossible was achieved. But, life after death? No, no way, that really IS impossible, many adamantly claim.

Yet, our Lord, Jesus Christ said we will live after death and He also said that we are now in the wound of Mother Earth living in the comforting and nurturing environment of her time and space.

Someone shared this thought:

Twins in the wound of their mother and its about time to be born. One turns to the other and says; "you are first. There is a life of sunshine out there, a new life totally different from this one, a better life." The other twin looks at him in surprise and says; "You must be kidding. How do we know there's anything after this? No one has ever come back. Impossible!"

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