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Our love affair with jewelry pieces continues as new designs in statement jewelry continually make their appearance on the stage of our lives.  And, Forever AMEN has been blessed to be in partnership with one of the new designers in statement jewelry: Szilvia Gogh. Her Gogh Designs are truly remarkable.

We all know that jewelry can be beautiful but it can be more. It can make lasting impressions and give inspiring messages; messages empowering, healing and calming. With that in mind, Szilvia Gogh has designed a unique line of pieces where nature's most basic elements are transformed into stunning accessories meant to convey statements that celebrate life and the world around us.

Forever AMEN is pleased to have been accepted into affiliate relationship with Gogh Designs and we feel privileged to present our selections from her vast collection. If you cherish spiritual, hand made, unique and meaningful pieces, you will enjoy browsing our choice selections here.

The Gogh Jewelry collection is created one at a time with each pendant being hand stamped. Every stone is set and assembled individually upon ordering. Proudly made with Love in the United States of America, each piece is unique and personal; spiritual and inspirational. Using techniques learned from her travels and training at the Budapest Art Institute, Szilvia has handcrafted one-of-a-kind pendants, pairing silver with jade, carnelian with reclaimed wood and even sea shells with common beach glass. Forever AMEN onl

Of course, given the individuality and uniqueness of this special jewelry, refunds are not offered. However, if your jewelry is defective, it will be exchanged. Just contact us by clicking the link below to receive a "Return Authorization" before you mail the piece to us.

Browse our magical selections from Gogh Jewelry Designs that have inspired women since 1998 to reconnect with what makes us who we are. Embrace these creations and find a piece to complement your individual taste.

Please note: Sorry, but we can only ship within the United States for $4.99. Floridians are required to pay 6% sales tax.

Necklaces are 16" in length.

In addition to our Gogh jewelry, we have some special health care items that you may want to consider purchasing for yourself or for someone you love. Check them out!






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