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Thank you for stopping by to learn about how our writing ministry may be a blessing to you or someone you know. God has blessed abundantly and many people have experienced positive changes and renewal in their lives through this alternative but efficacious method of spreading the Gospel.

 What are Digital Books?  

Generally speaking, electronic or digital books (shortened to Ebooks or digital books shortened to Dbooks) are digital files of books designed to be read on computer screens and portable devices. They are full book-length publications in digital form, consisting of text, images, sounds, links to websites and more. EBooks are published through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices and available in every genre.  

Onef of the great advantages of Ebooks is that they are immediately available for downloading. You are able to fully search the contents, index and full text and most can be bookmarked making sure you never lose your place. You can make notes on them or highlight the sections you really enjoy. EBooks are incredibly practical and portable. They can be read on a personal computers, PDA's, or electronic devices. EBook Readers are created especially for the purpose of reading EBooks. Personal computers and many mobile phones (most smart phones) can also be used to read e-books.

Features of EBooks include: economic feasibility, no shipping charges, downloadability, and they are less expensive than printed books. You can create links between multiple Ebooks and websites, they are environment friendly (save trees, and reduce pollution from delivery trucks) and readers can enjoy content which includes audio and full motion video. Some EBooks allow the visually impaired to select audio mode and have an eBook read to them.

The Ebook technology continues to develop and improve with content creation and publication, software, reader hardware (such as Amazon "Fire" and more recently "Fire HID", Goggle "Neptune7" and Apple "iPod"). Ebook standards continue to develop as well as distribution and promotion strategies. 

Pastor Saundra has joined many other pastors and lay persons in developing a book and Ebooks ministry to enlighten our brothers and sisters in the practicality of living the Christian faith in every detail of life. Forever AMEN desires closing the gap between the spiritually immature and the mature as we lead readers on a journey towards increased knowledge and greater power for effective Christian living.


In July, 2012, Amazon said sales of e-books passed hardcovers. In a July interview with USA TODAY, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos predicted that e-books would outsell paperbacks — the publishing industry's volume product — "in the next nine to 12 months."    

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