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Our Publisher: SMASHWORDS

 What is Smashwords?

Smashwords, Saundra's preferred publisher, is an eBook publishing and distribution platform, serving authors, publishers, readers and major e-book retailers.  

 What does Smashwords offer readers?

Smashwords offers booklovers an opportunity to discover thousands of independently published eBooks affordably priced for immediate sampling, purchase and download. Most Smashwords books are readable on any e-reading device, once purchased and you gain access to multiple formats.

 What are the benefits of registering for an account?

When you register for a free account, a private, permanent online library where you can conveniently access your purchased books in any of the many available ebook formats is created. An account also allows you to leave reviews and save money with Smashwords coupons (issued by the author/publisher). 

 How do I sample an EBook?

Two online readers are offered that allow you to sample books, and download the samples in various ebook formats. The author determines what percentage of the book is available for sample.

 How do I purchase an EBook?

First, register for a free account. This allows Smashwords to create a permanent online library where you can access your purchased books in any format. At the top right of every book page is a shopping cart logo. Simply click on it to purchase the book and then enter your credit card information and follow the easy instructions. 

 How do I access the Ebook I purchased?

After you purchase a book, you'll receive an email confirming your purchase. Click on the Library link at the top of the screen, and scroll down to "Purchased Books." Click on the book you want to read. This takes you to the book's page, where you can scroll down and download the e-book format that works best for you, or you can read online using the HTML or Javascript reader.  

 How can I read a Smashwords EBook on my desktop or laptop computer?

Several of the available formats at Smashwords are easily read on a computer. RTF, for example, can be read in any word processor. The Smashwords HTML and Javascript readers allow you to read online, via your Web browser. Another option is to download and install free ebook reading software on your computer. Free e-reading apps to consider include Adobe Digital Editions (reads .epub), Kindle for PC (reads .mobi), Kindle for Mac (reads .mobi) and the popular FBReader (reads .epub, .txt, .mobi and multiple other formats). Please note these are third party software applications, and Smashwords cannot provide you customer support on how to install or use them. 

 Do I get charged for reading a sample?

No, samples are free.

 Are books returnable if I do not like them?

For obvious reasons, all electronic book sales are final. This is why most authors allow you to sample much of their book for free so you can try before you buy.

 Can I share my book with friends?

Not legally. Smashwords books are licensed for your personal reading enjoyment only, so you are not legally allowed to copy, share, or email the book to others, and you are not allowed to resell or distribute the book to others. Smashwords authors are trusting you to honor their copyright and hard work, so please do not breach their trust in you. However, most authors offer generous samples of their books, so if you want to share a legal sample of the book, simply email your friends the hyperlink to the book page of the book, or use one of the social networking links to share a link to the book with friends on Facebook,Twitter and other sites.  

 How do I review a book?

Anyone who has purchased a Smashwords digital book is able to review it by clicking back to the book page. Below the different file format options is a link where the book can be reviewed. Remember to select a star rating as well. Once you review a book, a link to your profile page appears in your review, and your review also appears on your personal profile page. If a book is FREE, (and many are) anyone can review it. If you do not see the review link, it means you haven't purchased the book yet. Authors are not able to review their own books.

 Can I publish book excerpts on my blog?

Bloggers can excerpt up a small portion of an author's book for review purposes. For further information on excerpts and re-distribution, see the Smashwords Terms of Service.

 Is it safe to enter my credit card online?

When you purchase through Smashwords, we create a secure communications connection between your web browser and our payment processing provider, PayPal. For your security, Smashwords does not store your credit card information after your purchase. Separate from Smashwords, it is recommended as a general safe computing practice that you maintain current security software on your computer. One good free anti-virus application is Avqast. McAfee, AVG, Avast and Symantec also offer complete paid security software suites.

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