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Short Prayers

Thank You, Father for the daily reminders around me of Your greatness and goodness. Accept the praise of my heart in Jesus name. 

Keep me humble, dear Lord, so that the love of Jesus Christ shines through me to others; for His sake I pray. 

Father God, help me to always look to You in difficult situations, knowing that whatever my need, You will supply it; in Jesus name. 

Heavenly Father, I rejoice in beginning my day talking with You, opening heart and mind to You. Keep me in the center of Your will for Jesus' sake. 

Gracious God, this is a new day and I may face unexpected temptations. Please help me to keep away from all evil; in Jesus' name.

Sovereign God, I am so thankful that all my needs cannot exhaust Your resources. Keep me forever in Your loving care; for His sake. 

O Great Jehovah, my path is strange sometimes and the way is dark. Help me not to fear since You are the Light of the world. Thank You for preparing the way enabling me to safely follow You; in the name of Your Son and my Savior. 

Ruler of all the universe, I realize that I am unworthy of all the kindness You have so graciouslty  showered upon me in the past. Help me by the power of Your Spirit to always trust You for what I need; In the name of Jesus. 

Most Holy of Holies, enable me to keep my mind fixed on the true way of salvation for Jesus' sake. 

Dear Father, thank You for the Holy Spirit and for the strength He gives. Teach me how to fix my thoughts on You and Your love and power; in the name of Jesus. 

Lord, I want to be more like You. Reveal to me where changes are necessary, and I will trust You for the help I need to accomplish it; for the sake of Your Son. 

Almighty Yahweh, Order my steps today. Make me strong, not for the sake of possessing strength, but to make me sufficient for the crisis moments in my life and in the lives of others who reach out to me; I pray in the blood of Jesus. 

Ancient of Days, I thank You for Your plan of prayer so that we can keep in regular communications; for His sake. 

Great Amen, God of all comfort, please bring blessed quietness to hearts worried about what the day or night may bring; in Jesus' name. 

Father God, grant that my life reflect the joy You have put into my heart, that Your name may be glorified. 

Creator God, help me to not to be careless about my relationship with You. Give me grace and strength to persevere and an obedient heart to do Your will; for Your Son's sake. 

Eternal God, I surrender my day back to You and Your care, thanking You for the blessed assurance that Jesus is mine; in His name. 

Heavenly Father, teach me to give priority to the eternal values which make life worth living. Grant, O Lord that I not succumb to the world's temptations; in the blessed name of Jesus, I pray. 

Loving Father, I am grateful for the help that You are so ready and willing to give to me. Help me to be as willing and ready to help others. For Love's sake. 

Great Shepherd, everything that You have to say to me is important. Please help me to listen; help me to hear; for Jesus' sake.

God of time and eternity, help me to remember that by Your word the heavens and earth were formed and that one day I will awake in Your likeness; in Jesus' name I pray. 

Dear Father, fill me with Your joy so that there will be a constant overflow to attract others to Yourself.

Precious Lord, I pray that You will will keep me forever alert to Satan's clever attacks and help me to depend on You to conquer him; for the sake of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Thank you Ancient of Days and joy of my life, for the knowledge that I can depend on Your Word. What You have spoken will come to pass; in Jesus' name. 

Almighty Everlasting Father, I praise Your holy name and thank You for changing my life. Grant, merciful Father, that I am always eager and unafraid to share with others about the wonderful things You have done for me. 

God, thank You for loving me with a love that will not let me go and for dying that I might live. All glory to Your most holy name; for Jesus' sake. 

Sovereign God, please help me to be ever so aware of the needs around me. Help me to reach out to those who need Your love; for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, when darkness comes and the storms of life settles over my home, shelter us under Your protecting wings; in the sweet name of Jesus. 

Father, Author and Giver of life, to believe in You is to accept life with all its potentials and hope and happiness. Thank You for this wondrous gift of love; in Jesus' name. 

Omniscient God, before I even prayed, You answered my prayer. Thank You; in Jesus name. 

Father God, grant that I grow in Your grace even as tears flow from my eyes; in Jesus' name. 


Father, I lift You up in praises and I rejoice in Your very Being. Thank You that I have brothers and sisters in Christ who offer a consoling word when the tears fall; in His name.

Solace of Prayer



Our prayers to God are not for changing Him or to beg Him to do what we want Him to do. Rather, it is to be changed by God and to be empowered to do His divine will. Man is transformed in prayer, not God. 

During times of grief and sorrow, we acknowledge our dependency on Him, submit ourselves to Him and let God work His healing power in our lives. Praying means going to God on His terms, not ours. It means drawing nearer to Him in humble submission, realizing our unworthiness before His Holy Highness and yet calling upon His mercy, forgiveness and bountiful love. 

Prayer is central to our very existence; it is our communication line to God. As you pray, confess your sins. vulnerabilities, weaknesses and turn all your concerns over to Him. Talk to Him as you would to your best friend and confidant. Tell Him all about what you are feeling as if He did not know. Be honest and forthright. Do not hold back anything. Then ask God for guidance, help, strength, mercy, forgiveness, and intercession for others. Authentic prayer emanates from a deep spiritual need and God is always waiting to hear from you. 

A Griever's Prayer 

Listen to my cry, O God, for I am hurting. I miss my beloved. My eyes are reddened from tears that will not cease and my heart aches with a pain that will not recede. My soul has grown weak with sorrow. Deliver me, O Lord, from my anguish. Have mercy and lift me from the depths of my suffering that I may declare Your praises; in the blessed name of Him who suffered for us all, Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen. 

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