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Simply, Follow Me by Stan Arney. $9.95 from
A collection of Christian based poetry by author Stan Arney. These are poems meant to encourage thought provoking ideas and concepts. The desire is for the reader to question, ponder, even disagree with, but also to want to learn more about the subject. The poems are meant to be enjoyed and shared, in hopes that something is taken from each one.


Experiences: Poems by Nicholas Carter by Nicholas Carter. $5.00 from
Read the experiences of a person who's simply imperfect. 'Experiences' follows the life of a college student over the course of one year. The topics of each poem are different and run the gamut. As a poetry compilation, every word, thought, and emotion is genuine and heartfelt. This poetry compilation book includes 48 poems, a preface, and original artwork.


Addiction to Authority by Bethany K. Scanlon. $3.00 from
Is life dragging you down? A sense of confusion about your destiny? A feeling like you don't belong? Authority addicted people sometimes sense hopelessness and they can't figure out why! Get free today!


Biblical Finances by Bethany K. Scanlon. $0.99 from
A shortened version of Where's my money? bible study, this is a new look at the "prosperity doctrine" If you have been a tithing, giving Christian, and wondering why the "windows of heaven" haven't opened yet and poured your out "a blessing your storehouses won't have room enough to recieve" this is the book for you!


Where's my mate? by Bethany K. Scanlon. $3.00 from
Tired of being single? Need God's intervention to meet and marry your spouse? After several bad relationships and a divorce, so did I!This is the TRUE story of how I met and married my heavenly match. This book also includes testimonies from people who followed the biblical principles laid out in this book and MARRIED Godly spouses! Also look for the bible study titled Want to find your mate?


Pearls of Prayer by Marilyn Harley Irick. $5.99 from
Making prayer your everything is learning how to accomplish various ways to pray. The enthusiasm in the voice of the author for prayer in Pearls of Prayer cultivates and motivates with traditional and innovative approaches to Christian devotion, empowering soul communication with God, building both confidence and faith, thereby fostering the growth for daily spiritual food.


Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice by LaTarsha Forbes. $21.99 from
A true testimony on how my disobedience caused me to endure the ultimate sacrifice-death. The Spirit was telling me no, but my heart was telling me yes. I thought I met my Boaz. But instead I met a wolf in sheep clothes. But God knew I was going to make a bad choice. But He gave beauty for ashes. He was faithful to me, when I was not faithful to Him.





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